Huawei Indonesia carries on missions to help locals fight pandemic and upgrade connections

(Left to right) PT Republika Media Mandiri President Director Mira Djarot, Director of Government Affairs of PT Huawei Indonesia Yenty Joman, State-owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir, and Republika Editor-in-Chief  Irfan Junaidi at the award ceremony in Jakarta on Oct 7. Joman of Huawei Indonesia receives the Inspiration Award from Minister Thohir. (PHOTO COURTESY OF REPUBLIKA.CO.ID)

For many people in Indonesia who are keen to contain the COVID-19 virus spread, Huawei Indonesia has been noteworthy.

Since the pandemic hit the archipelago nation early last year, Huawei Indonesia has offered support for telemedicine and equipping communications equipment in critical hotspots, including in about 600 reference hospitals.

As Indonesia sees its infections falling steadily, the local arm of Huawei Technologies Co continues to power ahead, according to Yenty Joman, government affairs director of Huawei Indonesia.

Huawei’s cloud solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to accelerate diagnosis of COVID-19 patients can be up to six times faster, with an accuracy rate of up to 93 percent, Jakarta Globe said in an online report

“Towards the end of year, our schedule remains packed with various social contribution activities to support the Indonesian government’s effort in speeding up the country’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said in an email.

One of the examples is Huawei’s “Do Nation” program to participate in the development of rural community of Papua where the Huawei USO Project team is working on project delivery to connect the unconnected as part of the Indonesian government’s push for digital transformation.

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Huawei’s cloud solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to accelerate diagnosis of COVID-19 patients can be up to six times faster, with an accuracy rate of up to 93 percent, Jakarta Globe said in an online report.

During the pandemic, Huawei products have supported efforts to build emergency telecommunication infrastructure, provide 4G LTE broadband network for outer regions, and others. 

Huawei Indonesia has also given donation to orphanages and mosques in different parts of the country during the pandemic. Recently it arranged the shipments of medical equipment to provide medical supplies and equipment as part of the nationwide fight against the coronavirus. 

As the representative of Huawei Indonesia, Joman on Oct 7 received an award from Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir. The Inspiration Award 2021 was issued by media outlet Republika Media Mandiri, making Huawei the first foreign-based company and the first electronic device firm obtaining such honors for having provided telecommunication and electronic network services in the vast archipelago.  

“For their service and commitment shown throughout the pandemic, Huawei deserves to be awarded the most inspiring company in encouraging resilience and recovery from the pandemic,” Republika Editor-in-Chief Irfan Junaidi said in his opening remarks. “This award is our highest appreciation for Huawei Indonesia’s utmost commitment towards helping the nation rebound from the pandemic.”

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Joman reaffirmed Huawei’s commitment to continuously offer its ICT solutions to realize the nation’s aspirations and broader visions, including the Indonesia Emas ('Golden Indonesia') vision. 

“Towards the remainder of the year and year forward, we will also continue with our contributions, especially in human development and connectivity development,” she said. Those activities include the National ICT Competition, ICT Talent Summit, Seeds for the Future program and many others, a testament of Huawei’s relentless and long-term commitment to the country.

In Jakarta and elsewhere, Huawei is gaining momentum due to the presence of its outlets and social responsibility activities, along with other brands.

Starting off its commercial operation in the country 21 years ago, Huawei has 23 “experience stores” in Indonesia, mostly in Java and Sumatra. They offer various products like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart switches and ecosystems for various electronic devices to link to each other.

At a shop in the central Java small town of Pati, Soni Hendriawan sells mobile phones, tablets and laptops including China-made Huawei products.

“I am selling Lenovo, Samsung and Huawei products. Huawei is becoming more and more popular here, seemingly because its prices are more reachable to most local buyers,” he said by phone. “As for laptops, people here feel Huawei, Dell and Samsung as having the same quality,” he said.

“All in all, we will continue to bring real value though our contributions in technology to drive economic development of Indonesia and remove barriers and restrictions for the development of ICT ecosystem in the country,” Joman said.

COVID-19 cases in Indonesia are now showing a drastic downtrend, three months after the country experienced its second wave of cases. 

Indonesia’s Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin said this situation was partly due to the rise in the number of people having immunity against COVID-19 viruses.  As such, the government has allowed business offices, schools and other public places to gradually reopen while observing health protocol rules.   

By Oct 14, about 104 million people got first vaccine shots and about 60.4 million received a second dose in Indonesia. The government aims to vaccinate 208 million of its 271 million total population to achieve herd immunity against coronavirus.

The author is a freelance journalist for China Daily.