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Using technology to improve HK’s mental health services

‘There is no health without mental health,” according to the World Health Organization. Mental health is crucial to one’s well-being. However, Hong Kong residents’ mental health has steadily worsened in recent years, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. A local study surveyed 1,000 adults in March 2022 and found that nearly half of them (49.4 percent) […]

Scientific model to alleviate child abuse during COVID-19 pandemic

The Ta Kung Pao newspaper reported on Nov 14, 2022, that special education had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and 23.5 percent of special educational needs (SEN) children have been abused. Such discomforting headlines suggest education for SEN children is worrisome, particularly during the pandemic. For this reason, our team of neuroscientists and social […]

Glimpses into the Chinese path to modernization

(SHI YU / CHINA DAILY) In 1933, a Shanghai-based monthly journal published a special issue on "China's modernization" in which some scholars discussed the path to China's modernization. While a few advocated "total Westernization", others argued that China embrace Soviet socialism on the road to realizing modernization. The scholars couldn't reach a consensus, though, as […]

Diplomacy not belligerence required of US, Israel

Following their meeting in Jerusalem on Monday, both visiting United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and newly elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the two countries' long-standing consensus on preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. His government's policy is "to do everything within Israel's power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and […]

Emergence of a life sciences ecosystem in HK

Against a bleak backdrop of recent economic contraction, rising inflation, rising interest rates and falling property prices, the recent reopening of the borders with the Chinese mainland is a very welcome step forward. Relaxed travel measures will stimulate the local economy, underpin growth and partially counter the effects from ongoing global economic and geopolitical turmoil.  […]

Sino-German cooperation pragmatic

The first overseas plant of Chinese power battery giant Contemporary Amperex Technology in Thuringia, Germany, which started the mass production of lithium-ion battery cells as scheduled recently, serves as a good example of the pragmatic cooperation between China and Germany. The 14 gigawatt-hour plant, with an investment of 1.8 billion euros ($1.96 billion), is currently […]

HKSAR should set up a cost-efficient tendering system

The jaw-dropping price tags on the government’s mega development projects have raised public concern, with some challenging the authorities’ decision-making process in advancing projects such as the Lantau Tomorrow Vision and Northern Metropolis.  The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government announced recently that the budget for building three artificial islands off Lantau has ballooned by […]

Reforming cultural exchanges to help build stronger trust

The term "cultural diplomacy" is no neologism. Indeed, cultural diplomacy has long served as a core pillar of "track-II diplomacy," for example, engagement and exchange efforts between private citizens and individual actors. Ping Pong diplomacy qua sports/cultural diplomacy, too, played a pivotal role in reopening dialogue between China and the United States in the early […]