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Crowdfunding regulations should be enhanced to ensure healthy development

Raising a small sum of money directly from a large group of individuals, crowdfunding has reshaped the intermediary-based fundraising architecture around the world. We can simply divide crowdfunding into two main types; namely, financial-return and nonfinancial-return crowdfunding.  While equity and debt-based crowdfundings are classified as financial-return crowdfundings with significant financial risks, donation-based crowdfunding is a […]

City needs to jettison its outdated ‘positive non-interventionism’

Since time immemorial, the way Hong Kong has been governed is variously characterized as laissez-faire, “light-touch administration”, “hands-off governance”, “small government, big market”, or, most popularly, “positive non-interventionism” (PN).  The common denominator of these appellations is a limited government, a government that is minimally involved in economic and social affairs, allowing the market and social […]

EU report plays the same old China-bashing tune

It gave the impression that those European Union politicians who have joined Washington’s anti-China crusade were at their wit’s end when they cited “COVID-19 restrictions” as evidence for their claim that “fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong have deteriorated further”. The “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Annual Report for 2021”, jointly released by the European Commission […]

The folly of US sanctions

If we are talking about a sanctioning party or country, as opposed to sanctions imposed on a particular country, the title of “the mother of all sanctions” ought to go to the United States’ sanctions. Two-thirds of the 104 sanctions issued worldwide from 1945 to 1990 were unilateral US actions. According to the US President’s […]

Australia seeks own sphere of influence

Australia’s immediate reaction to the agreement signed by China and the Solomon Islands has been to give it closer scrutiny. However, Australia’s overstretch rather confirms that nothing in the agreement says China is bent on establishing a military base in the Pacific, as was alleged by some Australian officials. Occasionally, China’s Navy may drop anchor […]

A summit without substance

Hailed as a historic event in a press statement released by the US State Department, the US-ASEAN Special Summit 2022 on May 12 and 13 was the first such meeting held in Washington DC and at the White House since the US started its dialogue relationship with ASEAN 45 years ago. Eight out of the […]

Marcos faces tough challenges

Ferdinand Marcos Jr casts his vote in the 2022 national elections at Mariano Marcos Memorial Elementary School, in Batac, Ilocos Norte, Philippines, May 9, 2022. (PHOTO / XINHUA) Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr’s landslide victory in the Philippine presidential election on May 9 has drawn global attention because it will decide the country’s future policy direction, […]