Initiative to Enhance Cooperation of China and Central Asian Countries Concludes

LANZHOU, China, Oct 22, 2021 –  The 8th China-Central Asia Cooperation Forum was concluded in Lanzhou, capital of Northwest China’s Gansu Province on October 17, and a joint initiative was released, aiming at more profound and practical openness and cooperation among participators. With “Strengthen Solidarity and Cooperation for Building a Community of Security and Development” as its […]

Three months after launch, carbon trading market eyes effectiveness

China's national carbon market, the world's largest by volume of emissions, started operating on July 16. (PHOTO / IC) China's national carbon trading market has been running for about three months since it launched operations. Compared with the blossoming European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) set up in 2005, China's national carbon market has […]

Washington risks causing explosive spark by crossing redline on Taiwan question

Speculation over whether US President Joe Biden's latest remarks on Taiwan were a "gaffe" or a slip of tongue are meaningless as it will not slacken China's vigilance in guarding against US provocations over the Taiwan question, but rather consolidate its determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. After Biden said the United States […]

Announcing the HUMAN grants program: $10 million to fund the next wave of HUMAN solutions 

New York, NY / SEAPRWire / October 25, 2021 / – The MetaHUMAN Foundation has announced a grants program to support a new generation of projects looking to adopt and build on top of HUMAN Protocol. Successful applicants will have access to an allocated fund of $10 million, to supercharge the adoption of the Protocol, and realize […]

Hansamkora’s STS water tank has been designated as an excellent procurement product of Korea, recognized for its innovative technology

Seoul, Korea / October 25, 2021 / SEAPRWire / – Hansamkora Co. Ltd, as an innovative product supplier, located in Gimje city, Jeollabuk-do province, South Korea, manufactures and provides water tanks and clear wells by using stainless STS444 and STS329LD which are highly resistant to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking or SCC. Stainless steel […]

PrivacyCard, PRVG, PRV2, and More for Release as Part of PrivacySwap’s Great Migration

New York, NY  / October 25, 2021 / SEAPRWire / PrivacySwap’s long-awaited PrivacyCard is about to debut this month. In addition to that, PrivacySwap will also release its two new tokens, PRVG and PRV2. These two new tokens will elevate its users’ farming and earning experience. PrivacySwap’s PrivacyCard has been part of the platform’s roadmap ever since its […]

Substantial Strides for Kristof Schöffling’s Blockchain Consultancy Move Digital in 2021

MAHE, SEYCHELLES / October 25, 2021 /SEAPRWire /- Move Digital, an Asia-based blockchain and digital ledger technology (DLT) consulting company, is wrapping up the final quarter of what has been a year of significant progress in 2021. Led by CEO Kristof Schöffling, the company has become one of the premier advisory and consulting companies serving the […]

Civil servants’ geospatial knowledge key to smart city development

Editor’s note: This is the second article of Winnie Tang’s commentary series on the “Remarkable Construction” projects exhibition in Hong Kong. The chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, delivered a new Policy Address on Oct 6 with lots of new initiatives. However, one of her key initiatives proposed […]

AUKUS spurs arms race, puts to test Aussie pledge of nuclear non-proliferation

The AUKUS scheme is another clear manifestation of the US-led allies’ continuous hypocrisy and rivalry against rising China. Since the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia signed the pact in September, the hands in glove of Anglo-Saxon hegemonic heritage have kept rattling world stability and order. The group is facilitating Australia to develop nuclear-powered […]

Everyone equal before the law

Pianist Li Yundi. (PROVIDED TO CHINA DAILY) On Thursday night, well-known pianist Li Yundi was detained by the local police of Chaoyang district, Beijing municipality, for allegedly soliciting a prostitute. According to the official Sina Weibo account of the police, he was caught together with a 29-year-old woman and both confessed their crime. Li is […]

Korean Businesses Distribute Press Releases with NovationWire’s Cryptocurrency Industry Distribution Packages

Seoul, KOREA / NovationWire / Cryptocurrency prices soared as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Investors will be closely monitoring the tech sector and C-suite Cryptocurrency executives will be looking to make every effort to boost brand perception. With NovationWire‘s Cryptocurrency Distribution Platform, Cryptocurrency leaders can effectively distribute their company news, updates and performance reports to […]