Indonesia’s election body appeals against order to delay 2024 poll

Indonesian President Joko Widodo gestures as he speaks during a press conference at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, on Nov 16, 2022. (PHOTO / AP)

JAKARTA – Indonesia's election commission on Friday launched an appeal against a controversial court ruling that ordered it to delay the 2024 presidential and general polls, officials said.

The commission will argue against a court decision that has reignited debate over extending President Joko Widodo's time in office, which is limited to two five-year terms by the constitution and should end next year.

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo, who has said he is against extending his term, said this week he supports the election commission's appeal

Senior politicians, activists and legal experts have warned delaying the 2024 election could threaten nearly 25 years of democratic reforms brought in after decades of authoritarian rule.

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National Election Commissioner August Melasz said the agency known as the KPU had submitted its appeal, which will be heard and ruled on by the Jakarta High Court. He did not elaborate on the commission's arguments.

The KPU has previously said it will forge ahead with preparations for presidential and general elections in the world's third-largest democracy.

President Joko Widodo, who has said he is against extending his term, said this week he supports the election commission's appeal.

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Legal experts have said the lower court overstepped its jurisdiction in ruling on a complaint by an obscure party about election procedures, saying it is the jurisdiction of Indonesia's supervisory body (Bawaslu) and administrative courts.