AUKUS spurs arms race, puts to test Aussie pledge of nuclear non-proliferation

The AUKUS scheme is another clear manifestation of the US-led allies’ continuous hypocrisy and rivalry against rising China. Since the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia signed the pact in September, the hands in glove of Anglo-Saxon hegemonic heritage have kept rattling world stability and order. The group is facilitating Australia to develop nuclear-powered […]

Triggering calamitous changes

(MA XUEJING / CHINA DAILY) In February 2011, anti-government protests broke out in eastern Libya, which quickly evolved into domestic conflicts. The US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization took the opportunity to intervene militarily and soon toppled the Muammar Gadhafi regime. Since then, the country has been plunged into protracted turmoil. Right after the Libyan war, […]

Poised for takeoff

(SONG CHEN / CHINA DAILY) When addressing the opening ceremony of the plenary session of the sixth Eastern Economic Forum on Sept 3, President Xi Jinping said: “The international landscape is going through profound transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic keeps raging with frequent flare-ups, and the world economy faces a daunting recovery. This presents regional cooperation […]

Ushering in a new world order

(SHI YU / CHINA DAILY) When French journalist Alain Peyrefitte’s book When China Awakes, the World Will Tremble was published in 1973, the Asian giant was deemed a backward country. Its annual per capita income was only $132, which ranked 114th in the world. Peyrefitte’s book title was a reference to a remark by Napoleon […]

Quad vs. ASEAN: The Conundrum in Southeast Asia

The Americans have been spearheading the Indo-Pacific policy efforts for a while. This is in view of the Chinese assertion along land and maritime boundary disagreements. Along with this factor, China’s overall challenge to the US’ position as a unipolar hegemon also got the Americans startled. The Trump administration began the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue efforts, keeping […]