City needs to jettison its outdated ‘positive non-interventionism’

Since time immemorial, the way Hong Kong has been governed is variously characterized as laissez-faire, “light-touch administration”, “hands-off governance”, “small government, big market”, or, most popularly, “positive non-interventionism” (PN).  The common denominator of these appellations is a limited government, a government that is minimally involved in economic and social affairs, allowing the market and social […]

It’s time for Hong Kong to put ‘executive-led governance’ in place

Hong Kong is now at the critical juncture of pursuing prosperity after replacing chaos with stability. Chief executive-elect John Lee Ka-chiu, who won the sixth-term chief executive election with 99.2 percent of the Election Committee members’ support on Sunday, has rekindled local residents’ hope for a positive change of the status quo and confidence in […]

El Salvador Talks Crypto with Policy Makers in Washington

Washington, D.C., Apr 29, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – On May 26, 2022, Ambassador Milena Mayorga of El Salvador will address a gathering of 600 innovators, public-sector administrators, legislators, and executives in Washington, DC. She will be sharing the experiences of El Salvador regarding the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender. Her country […]

Massive tax cuts to bail micro and small businesses out of hard times

The massive tax rebate policy has been implemented nationwide since April 1. The record-high scale of this round of tax and fee reductions is a measure of China's economic capability and political determination to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and meet the challenges of a new round of geopolitical competition. This year's Government […]