Traitors can’t tarnish the poll no matter how hard they try

Several former opposition lawmakers-cum-fugitives from the law have been trying to undermine the upcoming Legislative Council election before appreciative, if not financially supportive, audiences in the West. Rather than wishing Hong Kong success, they prefer to pull it down. By any definition, this is colluding with foreign governments, even treason by the standards of those […]

Legitimacy of Hong Kong’s elections not gained by copycatting Western-style democracy

To the disappointment of the critics, only one of the 154 aspirants running in the upcoming Legislative Council election has failed to pass the candidacy vetting process because of a nonpolitical reason.  A key takeaway of the composition of the 153 candidates is that the election will witness robust competition, judging from the diversity of […]

Candidacy vetting should be seen as part of ‘defensive democracy’

Critics are using biased narratives to discredit Hong Kong’s upcoming Legislative Council election. They claim the absence of sufficient “pan-democrats” in the contender list is a strong stimulant that enables “legitimacy deflation” to grow from a fluffy cumulus cloud on the remote horizon to a threatening nimbus cloud looming above Hong Kong. They also criticize […]

Election Committee needs to shut ‘fake patriots’ out of public office contention

The upcoming poll to select the Election Committee is the first election under the improved electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The newly returned EC will then select the next-term chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and a large portion of legislative councilors according to the Basic Law and […]

HK’s new political realities after 2019 watershed year

Intense disputation within the LegCo in May 2019, which involved open physical intimidation by Opposition members, played a significant role in laying the foundations, through the example, for the coming mass public protests — and violent civil upheaval — initially directed against the HKSAR Government’s proposed new Extradition Bill. This was, in fact, a needed […]