Days of British Parliament as effective govt are numbered

Once hailed as the “mother of parliaments”, by virtue of the spread of the parliamentary system to many post-colonial territories, the days of the British Parliament as an exemplary political system embodying consensus, legitimacy, effectiveness and stability are numbered. After Mrs Margaret Thatcher, the longest-serving British prime minister in the 20th century, was overthrown by […]

City on course for bigger role and brighter future

Pictures of Hong Kong residents struggling with squalid or suffocating dwelling environments, such as “cage homes”, subdivided flats and “nano flats”, have long proliferated all over the internet and frequently appeared on various media channels. These unpalatable illustrations of Hong Kong’s severe housing shortage in no way tally with the city’s status as a major […]

Fake news used as a powerful weapon in information war

The development of information and communication technologies, including mobile networks, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, has not only increased the speed and expanded the scope of information dissemination, but also accelerated the global flow of fake news. According to the American News Pathways Project survey released by the Pew Research Center in 2020, the dissemination […]

Politics healthier in absence of ‘anti-system’ forces

In most of the legislatures of the world, party rivalry is the normal state of affairs, even if the bases, modes and intensity of party rivalry vary from place to place. Invariably, legislators around the world have party affiliations. Legislatures can be characterized by single-party dominance, two-party competition, multiparty contests or clashes among party coalitions.  […]

Iraqi parties boycott parliament vote for president

Mahmoud al-Mashhadani (left) the longest serving representative, opens the first parliament session, in Baghdad, Iraq on Jan 9, 2022. (IRAQI PARLIAMENT MEDIA OFFICE VIA AP) BAGHDAD – A Kurdish political party and a Sunni political alliance decided Sunday to boycott the parliament session slated for Monday to elect a new president for the country, threatening […]

American political system now a democratic dystopia

In the last two decades, there was a thriving cottage industry of publications on the demise of American democracy. Book titles such as The Second Civil War, Crises of Democracy, Twilight of Democracy, Affluence and Influence, Why Washington Won’t Work, It’s Even Worse Than It Looks, Tailspin, Unequal Democracy, Unequal and Unrepresented, American Gridlock, Democracy […]

US ‘diplomatic boycott’ of 2022 Winter Games is a cheap, worthless shot against China

After the White House announced that it would refuse to send any officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 in what has been described as a “diplomatic boycott” event, it must have been disappointed that only few countries such as Australia, Canada, Lithuania and the United Kingdom follow its direction, while reports noted these […]

Kyrgyzstan parliamentary polls expected to bolster president

000_9TA6XV.jpg BISHKEK – Kyrgyzstan votes for a new parliament on Sunday, a year after an earlier election triggered riots which toppled the government. After a low-key campaign, political analysts expect the vote to favour allies of President Sadyr Japarov, cementing his grip on the Central Asian nation. After a low-key campaign, political analysts expect the […]