Good, bad and ugly of negative growth of population

Editor's note: Faced with demographic challenges, the Chinese government has made more efforts to implement the national strategy of proactively responding to the low birth rate and population aging, and promote high-quality development of population growth, writes a veteran journalist with China Daily. A man hugs his grandson at a railway station in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia […]

Overcoming demographic challenges

Editor's note: The Chinese path to modernization is in line with its national conditions and is the modernization of a huge population. And China's achievements have inspired many developing countries to seek their own path to development and prosperity. Three experts share their views on the issue with China Daily. (MA XUEJING / CHINA DAILY) […]

‘Gray-hair economy’ has huge untapped potential

(MA XUEJING / CHINA DAILY) The central government has been attaching increasing importance to the "gray-hair economy" in recent years by, among other things, encouraging the development of community services including elderly home care, meal delivery and cleaning services. The gray-hair economy refers to the sector that provides products and services for the elderly population. […]

Hopefully, new family planning policy will lead to healthy population growth

Editor's Note: China has made unprecedented economic achievements over the past decades thanks to the demographic dividends it enjoyed. But the falling fertility rate threatens to rob the country of those demographic dividends, so it has further relaxed the family planning policy to prevent that from happening, writes a veteran journalist with China Daily in the […]