‘Media Freedom Coalition’ ignores hard facts to vilify HK’s security law

Anti-China foreign powers have recently started a new stereotyped and prejudiced trick of slandering the National Security Law for Hong Kong and the press freedom of Hong Kong, aiming to disrupt the ongoing 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and divert the substantial discontent of their nationals with their own domestic problems. This time, the so-called “Media […]

The Difference between Distributing press releases and Pitching the Press

If people are new to Public Relations (PR), SEAPRWire will work with people to understand the difference between distributing a news release and pitching the press. Distributing a Press Release: This marketing initiative involves writing a 1-2 page news release announcement for their company, uploading it to one of the online news release distribution services, […]

Red line exists between sedition, press freedom

Stand News decided to shut down immediately after police raided its offices and arrested seven individuals connected to it on suspicion of conspiracy to publish seditious material that incited hatred and violence against the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government. While some described the arrest as a repression on Hong Kong’s journalistic freedom, others applauded […]

Answers to Several Frequently Asked Questions about News Releases

HONG KONG – NovationWire.com is a company that was established specializing in press release distribution services, sending news to various media points. As a company that’s been in the news distribution industry for many years, we feel we know a few things about the business and industry. Some of NovationWire’s articles are inspired by NovationWire’s […]

Images Can Increase the Visibility and Engagement of Company’s Press Release

HONG KONG – According to many companies that measures digital content engagement, the human brain can process images much faster than text. In fact, up to 60,000 times faster! That is huge! This incredible processing speed of images also means when it comes to content marketing or the use of press releases within your marketing plan, visuals […]

Adding Images & Media Content to Your Press Release – No Images = No Story

HONG KONG – NovationWire has previously written articles about the importance of images within your press release; however, this time wanted to dive in a little deeper on the subject. Your news release may be the most incredible news release of the day. Still, let’s be realistic, people are busy, journalists are busy, and realistically, many people […]

Writing a Press Release; Effectively Connecting with Your Audience and Keeping Them

HONG KONG – Over the years, there have been significant changes in the world of marketing, communications, and sales. Don’t kid yourself; the press release distribution fits right in this category as well. Specifically, we are talking about the manner a business communicates with its audience. This style has changed over the years. At NovationWire, we […]

Close up with NovationWire: a New Type of PR Distribution Service

HONG KONG – NovationWire is an organization that had everything in place to succeed in 2021. They had a 100% remote workforce in place. Their DNA was already in the cloud. The press release distribution industry was already at an inflection point. Overly consolidated. Expensive. The pandemic has resulted in the recalibration of corporate strategies. With that, […]