DPP selling Taiwan’s interests to Washington

Citing security concerns, the Democratic Progressive Party administration of Taiwan island said on Saturday that it is considering fining Foxconn for one of its branches operating on the Chinese mainland holding some shares of Tsinghua Unigroup, a major Chinese integrated circuit manufacturer, without obtaining approval in advance. Although Foxconn said it will sell these shares, […]

Taiwan reunification: US benefits from cross-Straits divisions

Although the United States often expresses concerns over the possibility of Taiwan being reunified with its motherland by force, it claims to support consensual reunification. This, however, could not be further from the truth, and its own national interests dictate otherwise. It benefits enormously from cross-Straits divisions, and the last thing it wants to see […]

Taikonaut recruitment a boon to HK’s sci-tech development

The country’s unprecedented move to include Hong Kong and Macao scientists in its latest recruitment of taikonauts has not only received applause across the two special administrative regions, with about 120 applications, but also convincingly shown to the world that under “one country, two systems”, the two regions have more opportunities for development. It’s a […]

Taiwan Policy Act would further poison Sino-US relationship

Competition between the US executive branch and Congress to portray themselves as the best defender of American national interests against China has added an important perspective to examine the passing of an unprecedented number of anti-China legislative documents through Capitol Hill offices in the past few years. Like their Republican counterparts, the Democratic lawmakers are […]

Biden administration’s arms sale to Taiwan serves as dangerous midterm elections gambit

Despite Beijing's stern warnings, Washington is heedlessly escalating the tensions across the Taiwan Straits, as the scale of the latest arms sale to Taiwan shows. The arms deal worth $1.1 billion to Taiwan approved by the Joe Biden administration late last week, the sixth and the largest one since it took office, came one month […]

Preferred Partners Announces Latest Executive Appointment

Taipei, Taiwan, September 08, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – Preferred Partners the Taiwan based international brokerage firm has today announced the appointment of Samuel Lee as the vice president of new partnership acquisitions and development of partnerships at their Taiwan office, effective the 12th of September 2022. “Mr.Lee’s years of contributions to the success of Preferred Partners have not gone […]