Washington risks causing explosive spark by crossing redline on Taiwan question

Speculation over whether US President Joe Biden's latest remarks on Taiwan were a "gaffe" or a slip of tongue are meaningless as it will not slacken China's vigilance in guarding against US provocations over the Taiwan question, but rather consolidate its determination to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity. After Biden said the United States […]

Fast talk of mainland ‘to attack Taiwan’ becomes new tool to vilify China

In recent months, the Western media, in particular of the United States, have advanced the narrative that China will soon employ the People’s Liberation Army against the “renegade Chinese province” of Taiwan to unify the country. Some experts weigh the possibilities of this scenario. The Joe Biden administration officials talk of it. Observers note that […]

Tsai cannot change Taiwan’s status, no matter what tricks she plays

In her latest attempt to peddle her "two states" delusion, Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen referred to the Chinese mainland as the "neighboring country" in a recent speech. Such separatist rhetoric lays bare Tsai's provocative tactics in seeking to create the illusion of "Taiwan independence". Her agitation was naturally met with strong condemnation from the Chinese […]

Witness Twelve MedTech Startups showcasing latest HealthTech Innovations

TAIPEI, TW, Aug 23, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – SC Hospital (SCMH) and IRCAD Taiwan are collaborating with BE Accelerator, the largest healthcare accelerator in Asia, to present Batch 5, ‘DemoDay 2021: Applied Technologies for Minimally Invasive Surgery’. It’s the celebration of 12 brilliant startups x 24 intensive weeks, sharing their applied technologies […]

DPP’s antics reason HK has cut ties

In an attempt to make right appear wrong, Taiwan's mainland affairs council said Beijing and Hong Kong should take full responsibility for Sunday's recall of personnel from its representative office in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The office was established in 2010 under the framework of the Hong Kong-Taiwan Economic and Cultural Cooperation and […]

US should beware of the tail wagging the dog on Taiwan

Washington has called the US delegation that arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday "unofficial". Yet the delegation, which comprises former senator Christopher Dodd and former deputy secretaries of state Richard Armitage and James Steinberg, comes after the State Department said on Friday that it was issuing new guidelines lifting the previous restrictions on US government contacts […]