Taliban calls for release of frozen funds after deadly earthquake

An Afghan youth sits besides the ruins of damaged houses after an earthquake in Gayan district, Paktika province, on June 24, 2022. (AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN / AFP) KABUL – Afghanistan's Taliban administration on Saturday called on international governments to roll back sanctions and lift a freeze on central bank assets following the earthquake that killed […]

Afghan Taliban unveil new uniforms for reconstituted police

This photo taken from the official Twitter account of Taliban government deputy spokesman Inamullah Samangani shows officers of the Afghan police force in new uniforms. KABUL – Taliban authorities on Wednesday introduced new uniforms for its reconstituted Afghan police force, as the de facto government attempts to shift away from using its insurgent military forces […]

Taliban dissolve Afghanistan’s rights commission, other key bodies

A boy selling bread watches Muslims attending Friday Prayer in Kabul, Afghanistan, Feb 11, 2022. (HUSSEIN MALLA / AP) KABUL – Taliban authorities in Afghanistan dissolved five key departments of the former US-backed government, including the country's Human Rights Commission, deeming them unnecessary in the face of a financial crunch, an official said on Monday. […]

Afghan Taliban administration calls for official recognition

In this file photo taken on Sept 8, 2021, an Afghan street vendor carries a Taliban flag beside outer concrete wall of US embassy in Kabul. (AAMIR QURESHI / AFP) KABUL – Afghanistan's acting prime minister, Mullah Hasan Akhund, on Wednesday called for international governments to officially recognize the country's Taliban administration, saying at a […]

Afghan Taliban stop Pakistan army from fencing border

People wait to cross into Pakistan at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border crossing point in Spin Boldak on November 3, 2021, after authorities reopened the border following nearly a month-long closure. (JAVED TANVEER / AFP) KABUL/PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan disrupted the erecting of a security fence by the Pakistani military along the border between […]

Islamic countries pledge fund to stave off Afghanistan ‘chaos’

In this Aug 5, 2020 photo, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan addresses the legislative assembly in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. (PHOTO / AFP) ISLAMABAD – Islamic countries pledged on Sunday to set up a humanitarian trust fund for Afghanistan as, with millions facing hunger and a harsh winter setting in, Pakistan's prime minister […]